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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Represented by Lilla Rogers

2 year deal with Lilla Rogers
What a Dream!
The contest deadline is Wed June 26 @ Noon EST.

Although my art is completely different than that of Lilla's Artist, I'm still going for it....
with All my HeART and Soul!

Join in on the contest.
I BeLiEvE it will change your life!

There are several surprises that go along with it!

So GO!
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Make Art That Sells an e-course with Lilla Rogers

an e-course about Licnesing
and I am taking it!

The course is in two parts. 
We are in the third week of Part 1, 
but don't worry it begins again on October 7. 
Part 2 begins October 7 as well.

Be sure to click the link above to read all about it.

Peas and Mushrooms

 My Portfolio is growing!
The class is awesome. Definitely pushing me out of my box. I drew the mushrooms, peas and bowls. Colored them in by hand, but changed the colors in Ps. Then laid them
                                    out in this pattern. All new to me.
 The Peas and Mushrooms was my first assignment. Don't get excited now....the next class Part 1 will have different themes. I loved the creamy background of the first one, but agreed with friend Deb Velasquez that the darker background made the icons 'pop'. I am such a beginner with Photoshop, I can do a little, but as you layout is a little squished.

 Above on the first pattern I played with Colorways. It began as red, but for my assignment I used more of an orange which reminds me of candy corn. All created in Ps except the little circles. I took them from the mushroom cap shown at the top of the blog.

My second assignment was Pods...flower pods in a circular design. This one stressed me out a little, so I went to the studio and painted this Passion Flower on Mulberry paper. This was my finished assignment. Several friends thought it looked like needlework...hum...great idea! I am in licensing discussion with a needlework company. I think I'll share it.

My art is being viewed by Lilla !
and many top companies anyone would love to be licensed with.

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