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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Chelsey & Chance ~ Wedding Day

My Daughter's Wedding

This year...well, the last couple of month's I have been working on decorations for my daughter's wedding.

  I'm sure she would say I worked on them for the past few weeks. 

I am usually very last minute, but I always meet my deadlines. The wedding was gorgeous. It was held at a small venue in Maryville, TN. 

The day before the wedding she received an email about The Weather Channel wanting to follow the Bride or Groom around on their special day. Of course I got all excited!! and she got more nervous!! When we talked to them they explained to us that their wouldn't be a camera crew there actually "following" anyone, but they would do a couple phone calls throughout the day with the bride or groom. BUT...they already had a couple lined up by the time we talked to them. It was a fun thought though.

The isle was lined with ivory colored rose petals
..sprinkled by the rose petal fairies
 Jeannie Ivey and Cynthia Duncan 
who without them the wedding wouldn't have
 flowed so smoothly or been decorated so beautifully.

The altar really was a last minute treasure. We hadn't planned anything for the actual ceremony until a couple days before, and with the help of Jason Wright and Kenny Duncan the altar was exactly what Chelsey wanted. If you look closely you will see a special string running from the right side up into the tree. Chelsey wanted rose petals to fall on them as they kissed. This too we owe thanks to Jason and Kenny who crafted a special cup full of rose petals to fall upon the tug of the string. It was beautiful!
 Buttoning the dress and tying the bow. My beautiful girl!
Nanny dressing Leland.
Adding a touch of color to my baby girls lips on her special day.

 Mr & Mrs Gray

My nephews Hunter and Ethan and grandson Leland.

Thank You to Smithview Event Center, Kay's Photography, Hop to It ~ Jeannie Ivey,
Kenny & Cindy Duncan,  Jason & Tangie Wright and Poppy ~Mitch for making this day such a special and beautiful day for Chelsey and Chance.
and most of all thank you Lord for holding the rain until the ceremony was over, we all understood with that big bang of thunder that you were about to let it pour.... and it did! 
Thank You God for your perfect timing!

To see more pics they will be in an album on my facebook page

Monday, July 21, 2014

Blog Hops-Inspirational Artist

I have been invited by two wonderfully talented artist friends to join them on Blog Hops. Although I love to write and dream of stories, it is rare that I find time to do so. Let me introduce to you these two wonderful women whom I call "Friend".

Deborah Velasquez is an amazingly talented artist who has been winning design challenges and is licensed with World Art Group. You can read about Deb and follow her art journey at her blog and buy directly from her here at her shop.

The questions are:
What are you working on/writing?
Why do you create/write what you do?
How does your creative process work?

Elizabeth Gonzalez is such a gifted artist with a variety of projects on her table at all times. Her intuition directs her in the creation of all her art. You can follow Elizabeth on her art journey on her blog and if you would like to buy some of her art you can find here Etsy.

These are the questions I received from Elizabeth.
What am I working on? 
 How does my work differ from others of its genre? 
 Why do I create what I do? 
 How does my creative process work? 

I will be blogging two separate posts for each hop. I also have to choose 2-3 artsy friends to blog as well. If you're interested in joining us let me know, otherwise you could be receiving a surprise invitation from me.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Why am I walking Surtex after exhibitng for the past two years?

Sometimes as artist we do things differently...creatively!

So, after two years of exhibiting this year I AM WALKING!

As an exhibitor I didn't want to leave my booth, afraid I might miss someone who was coming by to discuss licensing. On quick trips to the restroom I would walk a different isle to see what was happening in other areas of the show, but always anxious to get back to my booth.

The manufacturers walk by so fast. Last year I realized my booth was to BuSy. Good grief, it looked like the Golden factory blew up in there.
I found this picture while getting ready for Surtex 2013. I had no idea this picture was the beginning shot of one of their videos. I was so excited!!! But it wasn't my claim to fame. Still, no one knew who I was.

Everyone always remembered one thing about my booth and of me...that is The Chicken Coop Series with Cuppa Joe and Just Be Happy. Although I have a huge variety of art, evidently these two are Un-For-Gettable!

I had lots of FB friends stop by to say hello which was nice, especially during the slow times. But remember..even during those times that seem slow there are still manufacturing reps walking the floor, so always be ready! answer the question, Why am I walking the show this year and not exhibiting?  Well, for one thing it's a whole hecka of alot less expensive! I know I won't be showing my art, but I will have the opportunity to walk each isle and study booth designs, which I am in desperate need of. I will be able to say a quick howdy or hey y'all as I walk by. I will be able to see the type of art being represented and decide if mine would be a fit with any of the agents...if I decide I want to wonder down that path. I will sit and take notes with no worry of who I may miss while taking a class on Branding this year. I will build on relationships and work on more, seeing old friends and making new ones!

Here are a FEW pictures from last year, many wouldn't open correctly from my phone, err!  
See you soon!  

This is my main booth helper Karen. Very talented artist.

Stephanie Ryan  Fantastic artsy friends!  Deborah Velasquez
Alex Colombo                            Elizabeth Gonzalez


Julie Hamilton                          Monica Lee Hennell

Here is a list of a few others I met.

and there were sooo many more. 

and the banners from my walls????
Well, they are becoming Banner Bags!
and I must give credit to Tori of
She gave me the idea and I love it! 
Thanks Tori!


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Class by
                                                           Beauty Comes From Within
                                                   The picture above was finished at home.
                                                  The picture below is my piece from class.
                                                        Wan was an excellent teacher!
                                                      I was so consumed with the class
                                                      that this is the only picture I took.
                             If you ever get a chance to go to Saluda NC make sure you stop by                                          Random Arts where you will find some really fun goods!