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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Chelsey & Chance ~ Wedding Day

My Daughter's Wedding

This year...well, the last couple of month's I have been working on decorations for my daughter's wedding.

  I'm sure she would say I worked on them for the past few weeks. 

I am usually very last minute, but I always meet my deadlines. The wedding was gorgeous. It was held at a small venue in Maryville, TN. 

The day before the wedding she received an email about The Weather Channel wanting to follow the Bride or Groom around on their special day. Of course I got all excited!! and she got more nervous!! When we talked to them they explained to us that their wouldn't be a camera crew there actually "following" anyone, but they would do a couple phone calls throughout the day with the bride or groom. BUT...they already had a couple lined up by the time we talked to them. It was a fun thought though.

The isle was lined with ivory colored rose petals
..sprinkled by the rose petal fairies
 Jeannie Ivey and Cynthia Duncan 
who without them the wedding wouldn't have
 flowed so smoothly or been decorated so beautifully.

The altar really was a last minute treasure. We hadn't planned anything for the actual ceremony until a couple days before, and with the help of Jason Wright and Kenny Duncan the altar was exactly what Chelsey wanted. If you look closely you will see a special string running from the right side up into the tree. Chelsey wanted rose petals to fall on them as they kissed. This too we owe thanks to Jason and Kenny who crafted a special cup full of rose petals to fall upon the tug of the string. It was beautiful!
 Buttoning the dress and tying the bow. My beautiful girl!
Nanny dressing Leland.
Adding a touch of color to my baby girls lips on her special day.

 Mr & Mrs Gray

My nephews Hunter and Ethan and grandson Leland.

Thank You to Smithview Event Center, Kay's Photography, Hop to It ~ Jeannie Ivey,
Kenny & Cindy Duncan,  Jason & Tangie Wright and Poppy ~Mitch for making this day such a special and beautiful day for Chelsey and Chance.
and most of all thank you Lord for holding the rain until the ceremony was over, we all understood with that big bang of thunder that you were about to let it pour.... and it did! 
Thank You God for your perfect timing!

To see more pics they will be in an album on my facebook page

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