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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our Christmas Boy

We will be welcoming a ......(DRUMROLL PLEASE)......a baby boy around Christmas this year. His name is Leland James. We can't wait!. I had been waiting for a month for the doctors appointment, but couldn't go because of work. We had a terrible day the day before. Got a late start- I son't even remember why_truck wasn't repaired correctly from dealership, brake parts went to the wrong customer, so we had to go the next day...the day I had been waiting for. I couldn't let Mitch go on this trip alone, it was to big of a job. But it was ok, this allowed Chelsey to go in for the appointment. She text me to say "it's a boy". I'm so glad to know and I absolutely can not wait until he gets here.

The shopping has begun.

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