My Minted Design

Sunday, January 29, 2012

KG Art Studio-My Studio

Welcome to KG Art Studio.
The Home of The Chicken Coop Series. 
                                          Built from two old barns we found and disassembled. 
                                               Looking out of the barn into the workshop area.
                                                                  I paint on the porch.

                                                    The Chickens are at home on the barn.
                                                                Below is the Coop.
                                                The cedar post are still a little sticky with sap.
                            I use the largest piece in the cave at
                                              My personal work area at the front of the studio.
                                                                        My little corner.
                                                                        My palette.

                                                        Liquid acrylics..bright and beautiful.


  1. Kim, thank you for taking us on a tour of your amazing studio. It has got to be the most one-of-a-kind studios I have ever seen! I am fascinated by how you created your space from two old barns that you disassembled...and it includes a porch! I think your space is a great candidate for the magazine, Where Women Create!! It is so spacious, organized, and the perfect place to dream and create art!

  2. Jealous of all your space!! Looks wonderful.
    Love the pictures of your art supplies too!

  3. Wow! What a great studio! Thanks for sharing it (and for making all of us jealous!). I agree with Cindy, you should submit it to Where Women Create. xoxo