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Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Story.

Today I am just rambling...the type of stuff Morning Pages are made of.....

This is my story. Condensed.

When I was a little girl,so small my mother had to make my clothes, I asked God to let me be able to do 'everything' when I grew up. I thought my momma could do anything and I wanted to be able to do the same. When I grew up I realized I had an interest in just about you know how crazy that can make a person, lol.

I have been a stay at home mommy. a cna. a kindergarten teacher. an art teacher. a drama teacher. a shop owner. a scrap metal dealer. an ARTIST....that's really what God crated me to create.

But, I miss business. I guess I miss being with people.
My last business venture was our family business as a scrap metal buyer. Yes, I bought a truck and drove around to scrap yards buying catalytic converters, batteries and aluminum rims plus other scrap metals off automobiles to recycle. Now my husband runs that business so I can pursue my art career. Why am I having such a hard time??? Is it because I'm alone? I think so! <sigh>

When it comes to my art I have a hard time leashing my creativity. As I mentioned earlier, I prayed to be able to do everything and boy.......what a mess I get myself in.....I bounce around from one type of creating to another. I do stay primarily with painting...but I love to do so many things. I love to sew, tat, draw. I love to make things out of concrete. I love to 'see things in rocks and driftwood' and paint them. I love to do collage and make jewelry. I love to recycle items into new again, like candle sticks, old lamps and chairs. I love to make art out of old wood....whew the list goes on. Really, the only thing I don't like is stenciling. It's really beautiful... done by someone else.

So maybe Thursday night Art Chix will meet again.

I hope I don't sound like I'm complaining, because I am truly Blessed to be able to go for my dream. My husband is fully supportive and that means the world. Now I just have to take the reigns...oh, I wish I had a, someday! Maybe I need some meds for ADD (artistically. distracted. disorder)...whew!

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  1. Did I just write this post? I feel like I did! We parallel in so many ways Kim! I understand desire to have your hands in everything and yet... the overwhelming feeling of having your hands in everything! It truly is a crazy feeling. So at 55 I'm still learning how to just let each day reveal itself to me, and whatever it reveals...I do it, If that means hangin' out with hubby while he buys metal then do it! Or maybe it means you find yourself daydreaming by a lake somewhere...don't feel guilty...Do It!!! I'm finding that my happy place is being present and ready to put on whatever hat suits me for that day. Oh I make my plans...but remain open to the flow. Joy is returning and I'm experiencing Peace...finally! Big Hugs from one who understands! Selah <3