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Friday, July 26, 2013

Make Art Thar Sells - an e-course

Make Art That Sells...what a course. WOW!
5 intense weeks
 followed by a two week period
 to create a piece of art for the 
Global Talent Search

The course was amazing.
My portfolio grew and will grow with at least 3 new collections.
 This was my first assignment. I drew everything, painted it, scanned it and created the layout in Photoshop. Things got a little distorted, but now I know how to do it. One lesson learned.
 This is one of the layout's with handwritten lettering and a light chocolate background.
 I really liked the cream colored background. I think it would make a nice kitchen towel and I like the clean font.
 I played with Photoshop and created the pattern from the spots on one of the mushrooms.
 While working on the pattern I also played with colorways...another lesson learned!
 One more pattern from the peas.
 This was in my comfort zone, but not something I would have ever dreamed of painting. Acrylic on canvas board.
 This one a favorite. I love collage. I love the intuition it takes to create such a piece. This will grow into a 4 piece collection. Mixed media on 24x24 wood panel.
 This one was just fun! 100% Photoshop. I went through my pictures and chose some colorful pieces, cut them out from the backgrounds and collaged them together. This will also become a collection. After I submitted I realized I had made a mistake. The word bubble should come from one of the other animals. I have a special place in mind to submit this collection. I hope they like it!
 Another fun piece.Every week I wanted to incorporate my chickens into a piece of art, but they never fit the assignment. Finally, I got to fit them in. Would make a great journal cover, huh?
This will also become a collection of four. They will be perfect for a set of dinnerware.

Here is the link for Make Art That Sells with Lilla Rogers.

Hugs! Kim


  1. Waving hello! I am glad I stumbled on to your blog! I KNOW I have seen your chickens some where. At Surtex? on Linkedin?
    Thanks for sharing your work :-)

    1. Hi Annie! I'm happy that you ran across it too. Not sure where we have seen each others work, but I recognize yours too. Could have been either place. Are you represented by Parcai Designs? I did speak with them at Surtex.
      Not sure why my blog is still here, I just recreated site and blog in Word Press. BTW, I love your portfolio!
      Do you mind if I link to the info page on your blog? That's a great resource!

      Hope to see you on my WP blog.