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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Inspiration Card Swap

I'm working on a deck of cards for a card swap with a soul sister Jessica Brogan, in the e-course we are taking.

 I discovered an artist whom I am very captivated by, Flora Bowley. So I decided to create this Inspiration Deck by intuitive painting. It can be thought provoking but I'm trying not to put to much thought in them and just make them beautiful.  Earlier I stopped by the thrift store to pick up a couple of books to use the pages in some art. Hadn't even thought about the cards today, but I found a book called "The Amazing Results of Positive Thinking". Wow how perfect is that, right? and all books were on sale for a quarter.

                               It's funny how things come together. The resources are always there.
 This is just the beginning of the deck. I have to add the words and the other finishing touches.Then I will send them off to Texas where they will be separated into other decks for all who participated in the swap.

1 comment:

  1. These are looking beautiful!! I love them.
    I want to do the card swap too, but I haven't started yet and need to look up the rules again.