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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Surtex 2012

This year I exhibited at Surtex. WOW!

It was a last minute decision, a decision born from an on-line course I was taking called www.HelloSoulHelloBusiness aka HSHB. When I requested information about the show, I thought I would be on the waiting list for the 2013 show, but within a couple days of emailing, I received a call that I was in. So the homework and studying began. I was taking a huge leap of Faith, but I knew it was right. So I studied booth displays on YouTube and read thru everything I could on the Surtex site. I also found Tara Reed's Blog called Art Licensing Blog where there's a plethora of information.

 And I painted.....I worked in my studio everyday creating new collections to show versatility. With the help of a friend, who re-built my web site, my banners were designed, new cards were printed, bookmarks were printed, little fans were made and art was printed for the portfolios.

It was a fabulous show. I took two friends/helpers with me which was a perfect balance of help. We got so many positive comments and compliments on everything from our display to our outfits. We dressed in colors pulled from my art so we complimented the colors. My booth was a partial corner, so when people walked by in one direction they made direct eye contact with one of two of the chickens. Some of the shoppers burst out laughing and completely fell in love with the chickens, which makes me happy, because that's what they are all about..".a simple prescription for a smile"
Now it's time for follow up.

More to come about the show, including a list of some of the wonderful artist and friends I met there.


  1. Oh dear Kim! This is so great and I am glad to have the wonderful chance to know you from this venture, or is it an Adventure! Awesome chickens, fish and flowers... seeing you makes me smile <3

  2. So happy I was there, too and had the opportunity to meet you in person. What a Ride! Thanks again for the support and the call! Hugs. We can talk anytime!!!