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Monday, April 15, 2013

How did I make it on the front page of the Surtex site?

          What did I do to get on the front page of the Surtex site?
Well, I'm not sure how that happened, but I'm thrilled about it. I can tell you what I did to prepare my booth for my first time at Surtex. 
First I found out the size of my booth walls and how many panels with measurements. This is how I found the dimensions.
    * Artist/Agents/Licensors
              *Set-Up Manual/Exhibitor Kit
                           * Exhibitor Information
                               * Booth Descriptions

I chose to have banners printed to fit my panels.
I bought all the industrial strength velcro squares I could find.
I also bought lots and lots of packages of Command Strips.
I also took S hooks for extra security, by hanging them over the top of the wall.
I took alcohol swabs for cleaning, but really didn't have anything to clean off.

I chose to have large prints on the banners to catch attention. I dedicated an entire banner to my main Rooster, Cuppa Joe. He greeted everyone who walked down the aisle. He received lots of compliments and brought lots of smiles and laughter!
 Before the show we had a little shopping trip. I wanted to blend with my art, so we chose to wear white pants and skirts with tops matching the colors in the background. We were complimented many times for our 'look'. So I suppose that's why and how a Newbie got on the front page.
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Visit us in our new booth to see our latest designs. We look forward to seeing you May 19-21.

Kim Gann
KG Art Studio
New Booth #451


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